Lithuanian Musicians’ Union

The Lithuanian Musicians’ Union is a creative public organisation bringing together artists, heads of musical groups, composers, music critics and scientists.

The Lithuanian Musicians’ Union, continuing traditions of the Lithuanian Musicians’ Society established in 1936, is also pursuing active participation in the country’s musical life. It consistently expands its activities in different forms, supports the creative initiative of musicians, brings them together for artistic and educational activities, advocate their works in Lithuania and abroad, records the results of artistic activities for history. For this purpose, it publishes a monthly art and science magazine Muzikos barai (Bars of Music); organises annual events for Lithuanian musicians Didysis muzikų paradas (The Great Parade of Musicians); holds regular concerts for the youth at Lithuanian secondary schools and music schools; presents the latest artwork; systemically organises Sunday musical afternoons/concerts-meetings of artists and the public; holds events to honour and commemorate deserving musicians; publishes notes and books, compact discs of Lithuanian artists; every five year together with the Lithuanian Academy of Music and the Lithuanian Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired organises the B. Grincevičiūtė’s Chamber Singing Competition.

In 2001, the Lithuanian Musicians’ Union together with Baltic Optical Disc established a Gold Disc Prize (a sculpturalcompositionand a special compact disc presenting theworks ofwinners). Every November, during the Didysis muzikų paradas in the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society the Prize is awarded to winners in four categories for their artistic activities within the last year.

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President: Audronė Žigaitytė-Nekrošienė