Lithuanian Writers’ Union

Lithuanian writers not only satisfy aesthetic public needs, reflect expectations and criticise maladies, but also, if needed, become the voice of civil society, fighters for the freedom of thought and expression and human rights.

The Lithuanian Writers’ Union is engaged in very broad and diverse activities. It is the founder of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers, which publishes over 30 original books of Lithuanian authors every year. Rašytojų klubas (the Writers’ Club), a division of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union, organises an annual international festival Poezijos pavasaris (Poetry Spring), one of the oldest literary festivals in Europe (in 2014 it will celebrate its 50th anniversary) and one of the largest festivals in terms of the number of events. It has over 120 poetry readings across Lithuania and abroad (including Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, etc.), and around 150 events/meetings with readers are held under different programmes. It is notable that all events organised by Rašytojų klubas are free of charge. Literary evenings always invite musicians of different styles and music – from bards to chamber music or jazz bands. Premises of Rašytojų klubas (K. Sirvydo g. 6, Vilnius), accommodating 100 seats, hold from 20 to 30 exhibitions of paintings, graphics and photography on an annual basis. More than half of the literary events attract literature enthusiasts of different age groups, and their number exceeds the available seats by several dozens.

The Lithuanian Writers’ Union is a member of the Baltic Writers’ Council (BWC) (seated in the island of Gotland, Visby, Sweden) which unites creative organisations of writers and translators from the Northern Europe. It is the most important organisation bringing together European writers’ unions. The Lithuanian Writers’ Union is also a member of the Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Council (seated in Rhodes, Greece).

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Chairman: Birutė Jonuškaitė (Biruta Augustinienė)