Lithuanian Union of Journalists

The Lithuanian Union of Journalists promotes creative activities, professional and mutually beneficial relations with other associations, government and administrative bodies and public organisations, collectives and individuals in Lithuania and abroad. It protects and enhances rights and freedoms of the Union’s members, properly represents their interests in Lithuania and around the world; organises different events, holds contests, proposes candidates for national and other art awards, implements different creative programmes; submits proposals to public authorities of the Republic of Lithuania on draft laws and laws, other regulations; promotes and defends free creative work, the art of professional journalism, advocates work of the Union’s members; defends professional ethics and journalists’ solidarity; takes care of the history and research of journalism; provides information, methodological, advisory, analytical and organisational assistance to the Union’s members; raises the prestige of the journalism profession and social role in the society. The Lithuanian Union of Journalists is a member of the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists.

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Chairman: Dainius Radzevičius