Lithuanian Composers’ Union

The Lithuanian Composers’ Union brings together professional composers and musicologists of Lithuania (169 members at the moment). Activities of the Union include initiating and disseminating national professional pieces of music, holding national and regional music festivals, organising educational projects, educational programmes and contests for young artists, disseminating Lithuanian musicology and works of musicologists, organising national and international conferences, launching cultural-social projects, implementing publishing projects. The Union carries out its mission and activities through cooperation with all national and many regional institutions of music and other fields of art. The Lithuanian Composers’ Union is a member of: International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), International Musicological Society (IMS), European Conference of Promoters of New Music (ECPNM). The Union also implements other international projects. Following preparatory works in 2011, in 2012-2014 it participates in a large European cultural network New Music:New Audiences.

In 2011, the Lithuanian Composers’ Union initiated an international artist-in-residence Druskininkai Artists’ Residence (DAR). The project, which has been implemented for three years, includes artists from Austria, Estonia, Spain, Japan, United Kingdom, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Malta, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary, German and Lithuania. The DAR programme offers artists the opportunity to get to know the surroundings of Druskininkai. Residing artists can meet the local community of artists, talk to musicians, representatives of art and music schools, shape different creative ideas (from a concert/meeting to a performance and creative workshops) on an annual basis. The Union also cooperates with the International Music Council (IMC).

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Chairman: Mykolas Natalevičius