About us

The Beginning

The Lithuanian Association of Artists was established on 22nd February 1995 by 8 creative unions:

Lithuanian Artists Union

Lithuanian Art Photographers Union

Lithuanian Cinematographers Union

Lithuanian Composers Union

Lithuanian Folk Artists Union

Lithuanian Journalists Union

Lithuanian Theatre Union

Lithuanian Writers Union

Novelist Vytautas Martinkus has been elected as President of the association.


The Lithuanian Association of Artists is an umbrella association of Lithuanian independent creative organizations. Its aim is to coordinate cooperation between artists and artists’ organizations in Lithuania, represent interests of Lithuanian professional artists and writers abroad and organize public debates between artists and politicians on the development of culture and arts. Its members are Lithuanian organizations of artists and writers, representing professional art, registered and operating under the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Lithuanian Artists and their Organizations. The association organizes conferences on culture and art, submits proposals on draft laws and regulations, participates in programs for artists, reviews professional art programs, defends copyright.

The history

The first version of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Status of Lithuanian Artists and their Organizations was adopted on 15/08/1996.

The Law stated that an organization can acquire the art creators status only if its all members have the status as individuals. Therefore some former establishers of the LAA had to reorganize themselves establishing new organizations of art creators and some new organizations joined the LAA.

The status of art creators‘ organization is provided by the Minister of Culture after recommendations of the Council of Art Creators Status by the Ministry of Culture. Therefore there are some other organizations with the art creators status who are not our members but use our achievements.

Present members of the LAA

The last version of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Status of Lithuanian Artists and their Organizations was adopted on 08/11/2016.

Architects’ Association of Lithuania

Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators

Lithuanian Composers’ Union

Lithuanian Designers’ Society

Lithuanian Filmmakers’ Union

Lithuanian Musicians’ Union

Lithuanian Theatre Union

Lithuanian Writers’ Union

Professional Folk Artists’ Association

National Association of Creative Journalists

Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers

President Kornelijus Platelis was elected in June 2005

Main achievements

  • The social and health insurance tax from 50% of an income from author contracts for art creators.
  • The Social Security Program for Art Creators at the Ministry of Culture.
  • A natural person declaring his or her income to the Tax Office can direct up to 2% of the income to an art creator.
  • The program of Art Creators‘ Organizations Strategic Programs at the Culture Council of Lithuania.

Chairman: Kornelijus Platelis